Our Expertise

  • Afak's construction facility features a state-of-the-art lasercutter, which can cut stainless steel up to 15mm thick. Thanks to this lasercutter, Afak can cut sheetmetal at a high precision and speed.


    We cut our sheetmetal with a high precision lasercutter.

  • Afak Techniek also features a number of machining equipment. Two of these machines are lathes, operated by highly skilled personnel with over 20 years of experience. With these lathes we can achieve all the desired fitments and produce custom made shafts from stainless steel.


    Afak also has 2 metal lathes for all your desired fittings.

  •  Next to our lathes, our machine shop features a metal mill. On this mill we can refinish prefab or old parts to our clients needs. We can also finish our laser cut parts to our desired fitments.


    Besides lathes Afak's construction facility also features a mill.

  •  Afak's construction hall also features two press brakes for bending sheetmetal. This is where our 2 dimensional lasercut sheetmetal is transformed into 3 dimensional structures. Afak's design technique relies on these two productionmethods, because they form a perfect balance between strength, quality and production speed. In 2019 one of our press brakes will be replaced by a newer, more digital version.


    For optimal strength and faster production.

  • All Afak machines are carefully decontaminated in our own pickling and passivating facility. Passivating our stainless steel ensures longevity by protecting our steel against the elements.

    Pickling & Passivating

    Afak has an in house Pickling & Passivating station to ensure longevity of our steel.

  •  Afak also has different machines for achieving round shapes.


    Afak has a number of rolling machines.

  • Afak has a brand new deburring machine, used for finishing all our sheetmetal. Deburring is an important step, especially in the food processing industry. Burrs can damage your product during processing or even end up in the endproduct itself. Deburring is also very important for hygienic reasons, the more edges and creases a machine has, the more places there are for bacterias to germinate.


    An important step, which is often forgotten.

  • Afak's welding team consists of 35 highly skilled constructors. These constructors are specialised in high quality welding of stainless steel. Afak can weld anything from high strength industrial applications to visual structures.


    Afak can assist you in all MIG/MAG, TIG or stick welding.

  • Besides a lasercutter, Afak also has a conventional cutting press for cutting sheetmetal.


    For sheetmetal in small series.

  •  Afak can also be of service with small machienwork. We can saw tube, pipe or rod to your specification. We can also drill and tap holes to connect different structures together,  to create custom framework  .

    Drilling & Sawing

    Afak can be of service even for small machinework.

  •  Afak supplies al her software inhouse, in cooperation with Siemens. This way we can guarantee service made to measures and minimalize downtime in the event of calamities.


    Afak has a team of certified electricians.

  • To ensure longevity of our products they are glass pearl blasted to remove any form of contamination off the metal. After, its coated in A46, to provide a corrosion resistant coating over the stainless steel.

    Glass pearl blasting

    Afak has a glass pearl blasting facility for all your stainless steel.

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