Service & aftersales


The downfall of everyday use is wear and tear of parts. For replacing these parts, a lot of time and technical knowledge is needed. That's why Afak provides a complete service and maintenance manual with all her machines.

It can be difficult for your technical service to have complete knowledge of all your machinery. Besides, it can be challenging to find the time for correct maintenance during day-to-day operations.

That's why we as Afak offer preventitive and corrective maintenance on location, (inter)nationally. Afak has all the right tools and experienced service engineers that can support you in your maintenance needs. Additionaly, Afak can provide a full service package, assuring minimal downtime.

Spare parts

Some of our machine have been in daily operation for over 20 years. Even so, it can occur that a part of our machine fails. In this case you can count on Afak's spare part service.

On your request we can even put together a package of recommended reserve parts (often parts that are subjected to wear or high stress). This keeps the downtime of you machinery to a minimum.

Most of Afak's reserve parts are in stock and can be shipped worldwide by express delivery if needed.

Malfunction follow-up

Despite careful maintenance, it can occur that a machine or a processing plant comes to a halt because of a malfunction.

Voor support in finding and solving this malfunction or defect we provide support by phone or if demanded we can overlook your control system by a secured VPN-connection. This way we can diagnose quickly so the right actions are taken.

If a mechanic is needed on location, Afak will provide you with the parts and service needed.

Training en consultancy

Bekwaam personeel met de juiste kwalificaties zijn essentieel voor een soepele bedrijfsvoering. Afak biedt daarom de optie tot training op locatie of bij ons in de werkplaats voorafgaand aan de installatie.

Ook biedt Afak ervaren technische en proces specialisten die u kunnen adviseren bij het optimaliseren van uw productie.